2021 [un]Con

creating transformative work is hard and no one should do it alone, which is why we started crux cooperative. with our cooperative, we can easily collaborate with each other and finance the work we want to see birthed into the world. we’re turning black artists into owners, one creator at a time.

  we’re on a mission.

  to build an xr movement that lifts black artists up rather than grows on the back of our brilliance. our core values are rooted in liberation theology and are a counter-narrative to traditional ways of building a revenue-driven business. we are human-first community builders who lead with trust. we believe in shared leadership, joy, abundance, and moving slowly and thoughtfully as we grow.

We're the Experts.

Immersive Events

We work with small & mid-sized mission aligned organizations to build bespoke experiences that delight their audiences.

Virtual Content Creation

Need to spice up your social content? Want to add some depth to your work with 3D content? Our team can safely take your storytelling to the next level from afar.

Executive Production

Our team of experienced, well-known producers can supercharge an idea and bring it to fruition. From creative curation to fundraising and finance, our artist centered processes can add a major boost to your project.

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